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Anyway to improve your credit score

While the model used to calculate the score is standard, there are two main types of credit scores. Generic Credit Score: This credits score that has an in-general evaluation. It is the kind of score that you will find at all credit score agencies. Most money lenders and finance firms make use of this style of credit score. Customised credit score: When a money lender requests a credit score that is customised. It is used in case of specific type of money lending or for a particular type of business. Anyway to improve your credit score We calculate your credit score on the basis of your credit history, so what is done cannot be undone but following are a few tips to improve your credit score for future: Pay your bills well in time. It may seem petty, but plays a vital role Avoid having huge credit card bills. It is best when you keep the credit bill on the lower side, as a high outstanding bill is never a good sign.

Avoid making unnecessary accounts: Do it only when required. Having a mixed credit score will not help improve your overall credit score. Try paying off debts little by little instead of moving them around. As the final payable amount will still remain. This way you can slowly and steadily improve your credit score. We believe, in a range of 300-850 credit score points, it is best to have a score that is anything above 750. Though the average scores do range around650-750. Having a score lesser than that makes you appear like a liability and puts you on the back foot.